Why Join the Dogwood Jack Russell Terrier Club?


The Dogwood Jack Russell Terrier Club is currently the only Jack Russell Terrier club in the state of Georgia. You do not need to be a Georgia resident to benefit from joining the club. You do not even need to own a Jack Russell Terrier to join, although it might be more enjoyable for you. 

Here at DJRTC our mission is to protect and preserve the unique qualities embodied in the Jack Russell Terrier. Play days focus on practice racing, lure coursing, and Go-To-Ground; however, we also enjoy the fellowship of other terrier men and terrier women alike.

Membership Benefits

The DRJTC is primarily focused on serving Jack Russell Terrier owners in the GA/SC and Southern Appalachian region. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Fun Days, Trials and other events in Georgia to stimulate and encourage the working instincts of your Jack Russell Terrier
Email notifications of upcoming events, trials and Jack Russell Terrier news
Access to a network of other Jack Russell Terrier owners in the region
Addition to the Breeders Directory (subject to conditions)
An invitation to the Annual General Meeting held in December of each year
The right to vote in the annual elections
Access to a wealth of information through the Club and its members
A chance to actively participate in the future of the Club and by extension the future of the Jack Russell Terrier


Persons applying for membership in the DJRTC, or renewing a current membership, and members of their immediate family must not be a member of a conflicting JRT organization as defined by the JRTCA, and must not register their Jack Russell Terriers with any conflicting organization or kennel club. Conflicting organizations include any organization promoting kennel club recognition/registration of the JRT. Membership may be terminated, suspended or refused by the DJRTC Board for any conduct, which may be considered likely to prejudice or damage the image or interfere with the efficient running of the DJRTC, or compromise the breed in anyway.


Join the DJRTC

It is the aim of the DJRTC to help unite those people with a love and admiration of the Jack Russell Terrier, howsoever they may enjoy its unique and wonderful character. And to encourage and educate its members, both current and new, as to the importance of retaining the Jack Russell Terrier’s working instincts and attributes, in order to continue the protection and preservation of this remarkable breed.

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