Who are we?

I expected that our first trial with McGinnis would be a nerve-wracking and tense affair. The friendship, advice and encouragement offered by everyone was amazing. Seeing McGinnis in his element was simply thrilling. If you own a Jack Russell, join a club, the Dogwood Club has given us the opportunity to give back to this breed.
— Maryann Eastman

We are a local organization of volunteers based in North Georgia, we provide opportunities for JRT owners in our region to get together and socialize with each other and their Terriers. We hold "fun days" where we school our Terriers in racing,  go-to-ground, conformation etc. No experience is necessary. We also run a sanctioned JRTCA trial each year in July. All of our events are designed to stimulate and encourage the natural hunting instincts of this remarkable dog. 

Our Mission

Here at DJRTC our mission is to protect and preserve the unique qualities embodied in the Jack Russell Terrier through education, promoting responsible breeding, adherence to the breed standard, registration through the JRTCA registry and working the Jack Russell Terrier.